Back…with a bunch more make-up!

I’m back…sort of….! Law school has been gulping my life whole, but I’ve been trying TONS of different make-up. Graduation is soon, so I’ll be posting more. Of course, in the weeks that I’ve been studying for finals one of my favorite past times has been searching for new and cheaper and better make-up products. Here are links to some of the eye products I’ve had in heavy rotation lately….longer reviews will come later.

All of the products in this category are loose mineral powder eye shadows, available for purchase through Etsy. If you are short on cash, but you have sensitive skin I suggest that you search around on Etsy. Look for colors you like and message the creator to ask about irritants and allergens.

  • Smash cosmetics in Mauve: I am really impressed with the amount of product I got–and the color is lovely. Subtle, and not too glittery. Ashleigh also has sample sizes of each of her colors–and the sample containers are a great size as well.
  • Addictive cosmetics in Shameless: This is such a fun color. It’s a neutral cocoa pink with blue glitter in it. It applies smoothly and blends great.
Nothing beats the convenience of dashing into the nearest store and grabbing something you need!
Have you seen any eye shadow on the store displays that your curious about? Leave us a product name–maybe we’ve tried it!