Valicia’s 3rd Fav

Alright Diva’s,
My third fav is an eye shadow. It is Magnolia Makeup Loose Pigment eye shadow.
Magnolia Makeup is a company based in Louisiana. Their colors have jazzy names like Tchoupitoulas, Ganache, Roux and Puddin’. I can’t choose a favorite between Puddin’ and Caramel. Puddin’ just right transition color for me. I reach for it two out of three times while doing my makeup. It is super easy to blend and the color pay off is magnificent. Now these are loose pigments so there is going to be fall out so you have to take that into consideration so they don’t mess up the foundation under your eye. There are tricks for that like applying extra loose powder under the eye or wearing a shield.

Caramel is the other MM pigment that I totally can not get enough of. Caramel is the blending color. Because it is nearly the same color as my skin tone I can use it in a number of ways. I can use it to highlight my brow, I just apply it over some concealer when I want to define my brows. If I apply too much dark shadow anywhere and I want to tone it down I just blend it out with a lil Caramel and instant quick fix. Or if I  just want a quick look, I apply Caramel all over my lid, throw on some eyeliner and mascara and rock it.

I have about 12 MM pigments, and they are the truth. Magnolia Makeup is a cute company, their shipping process is seamless and packaging is sufficient. I am satisfied with all the products I’ve purchased from them. And their price economical.

As always Diva’s Be Beautiful,