Black Opal Patent Lips Liquid Lipstick: DO NOT BUY

1. Bottom line: DO NOT BUY

2. Details about what I tried: Copper Tone 08 and Uptown Brown 03

3. Price: Less than $4.00 each at CVS/Pharmacy

4. Reaction: The colors are beautiful, bold, rich. They were 50% off! I really like lipgloss. So, I figured…how could I go wrong? OH, I went wrong. Very wrong. Uptown Brown was the color I took a risk on. I haven’t worn dark brown lipcolor since high school (there’s a story there….). The Uptown Brown is very thick and hard to “spread” with either the sponge applicator or by pressing my lips. Even worse, it won’t adhere to my entire lip (leaving that dreaded half moon of naked lip) AND it’s sticky.

Copper Tone is not as thick and easier to spread. In the tube, it is a beautiful metallic, reddish brown. Sadly, upon application, I had a shiny orange color on my lips. In the end, I would recommend a Covergirl or Revlon lipgloss that is more moisturizing and easier to apply.