Aveda Pure Abundance Shampoo, Conditioner, Style Prep, and Volumizing Tonic

Michelle on Aveda

I RAVED about Aveda products from the first sniff. NOTHING smells better. But, this past week was the first week that my hair products are totally Aveda. Like many women of color, I do not wash my hair everyday. In fact, I wash my hair once a week when it gets chilly outside, then I blow it dry and flat iron it. I’m not quite sure if Aveda has lived up to the hype. Let’s take a closer look…

I used Aveda Pure Abundance products including the shampoo, conditioner, volumizing tonic and style prep. My hair is a layered shaggy cut, with the shortest layer below my eyebrow, and the longest layer below my shoulders in the back. Since I wash my hair once every seven days, I like to start out with as much volume as possible, and that’s why I chose Pure Abundance.

Get ready for the ouch-ka-bibble factor. All four of the products that I purchased will run you in the neighborhood of $80 or more. So, I really needed these products to be CLUTCH, BOSS, and AWESOME.

The process
1. Shampoo with warm water and a quarter sized dallop of Pure Abundance shampoo.
2. Towel excess water out of hair.
3. Finger comb wet hair.
4. Start with quarter sized dallop of Pure Abundance conditioner. Finger comb through hair from roots to ends. Continue to apply conditioner until hair is thoroughly coated.
5. Let conditioner sit for NO MORE than 5 minutes. I usually go for 3 minutes.
6. Rinse conditioner out with warm water.
7. Once all conditioner is rinsed out, turn water to cold. This will bring out some added shine.
8. Towel excess water out of hair.
9. Spray volumizing tonic at roots of hair.
10. Spray Style Prep throughout hair.
11. The “kitchen” of my hair is a little rougher than the rest, so I spray Brilliant Damage Control back there. Ouch-ka-bibble. Price tag just inched closer to $100.
12. Blow hair dry on high heat (apparently, all of these styling products are heat activated).
13. Flat iron with FHI Heat Technique Iron (this baby never fails me….love this thing….but ouch-ah-ouchie-so on the price tag!).

Whew! What a process. I did my hair this past Friday night, meaning that today (Tuesday), I have four day old hair. But, on to the details…

1. Smell? The smell is still awesome! My hair smells fresh and clean (and that’s important to me).
2. Oily? Not in the least. My hair isn’t thin, but my scalp is oily (just like my T-zone). Aveda has effectively banished oiliness.
3. Bounce? I don’t know about that. It’s not bouncy, but it’s not flat. It has what some might call “slip” in that it moves freely and falls back into place.
4. Moisturized? Absolutely.
5. How the kitchen? It’s pretty clean back there; my kitchen looks just like the rest of my hair.
6. Frizz? No, siree-bob! My hair is more tangled than usual, but these products are petroleum free. In fact
7. Style hold? Welllll, about that. My hair will hold a bump, but won’t hold a curl (not a huge deal, since I’m a little old for Shirley Temple curls).
8. Soft? Absolutely! And shiny, too.
9. Manageability? Every day in every way.

But, I can’t give Aveda a WOW factor. For over $80, I would expect my hair to be full, bouncy, and vivacious. As you can see from the photo, my hair is pretty full….but, it’s always full! The bottom line on this line of Aveda products is a solid EH because of the price tag. I’m all about value. If, however, you are more concerned about having an all-natural, planet-friendly, smell-good brand, I definitely recommend Aveda to you as splurge-worthy. If you have a huge problem with oily scalp, Pure Abundance may well be the line for you.

Honestly, once the shampoo and conditioner run out, I don’t think I’ll buy either again. I like the style prep, tonic, and Brilliant Damage Control very much. I have been using these three products for several weeks because my hair stays moisturized and smooth without me having to add oil. In fact, either of those three products + your favorite shampoo & conditioner = great results.