The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer: GREAT STUFF

1. Bottom line: GRRRREAT stuff! Splurge-worthy.

2. Details about what I tried: This particular product only comes in one color….and that color is perfect for me.

3. Price: Ok. I have to admit, I did not pay full price for this product. But, I will happily pay the full price once I run out. I came across a gift set with the Bronzer, a blush/eyecolor, and a lip color at Marshall’s for FIVE DOLLARS. Yeah, that’s right. Run to Marshall’s…after you read the rest of this post. Marshall’s is the only place that I see this product in discount stores. You can also find it in Sephora, and on The Balm’s Web site.

4. Reaction: I was unsure at first….this product is sooooo….brown…! But, it was summer and I was sick of ashy powders, too pink powders, too red powders, powders that made my face break out and so forth. I use powder on top of my under-eye concealer to set and blend (Georgia summers….hello!). I also use powder on days when I’m going for a quick and casual look (powder, lip gloss, and mascara).

I was a committed user of MAC Studiofix powder plus foundation. But, something was off. It is slightly cakey, and not all that natural. I also find that it looks worse and worse throughout the day (and it ain’t cheap). And, let’s not EVEN go into Covergirl’s setting powder. But, Bahama Mama….hubba hubbba! The shade is perfect for a woman of color who’s skin is tan (not really yellow, not really pink, not really red, not really brown). It blends beautifully with a powder brush or kabuki brush if applied over the entire face by swirling the brush in small circles (as if you were trying to polish your face) with light pressure. Sometimes, I just apply it to my cheeks for a very natural looking flush of color.

My sensitive skin does not break out, and it doesn’t look dry. Uhhh, have I mentioned that I like this product? Well, I like this product. A lot. We’re like BCFF (best cosmetic friends forever).