Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

1. Bottom line: Great stuff! Purse-worthy!

2. Details about what I tried: I was looking for a nice retro red without too much shine that wasn’t too orange. I went with Cherry Tart–and loved it! I seem to be going through color phases, so I purchased Brown Sugar, Lollipop, and Red Velvet as well. Red Velvet and Lollipop are popular colors that seem to be flying off of shelves, so I resorted to Amazon to find those two colors.

3. Price: Less than $7 at your local bargain retailer (I prefer Target….). In fact, I find that Wal-Mart does not have the color selection that Target has. For instance, some Wal-Mart stores don’t even stock Red Velvet. Check your local Target paper and newspaper, as well. My experience is that Revlon often has some good coupons in the Sunday newspaper.

4. Reaction: As a Black woman with full lips, I need a lip color that doesn’t bleed and doesn’t dry my lips out–but I’m slowly outgrowing my lipgloss phase (I just seem to be picking up more lipstick now). This is the perfect balance of moisture and color. Cherry tart is an outrageous red with a hint of sparkle and shine–not for the faint of heart. It would be absolutely gorgeous with rich brown skin. I don’t like to carry lip liner, so it’s imperative that my lip color stay put without a liner. This one does. It has a silky smooth feel and a subtle shine.