Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer: DO NOT BUY

1. Bottom line: DO NOT BUY

2. Details about what I tried: I tried Radiant, because I thought it was meant to be like a neutralizer….boy, was I wrong!

3. Price: Ranges from $7 – $10 depending on whether you hit up your local discount retailer, buy online, or your local drugstore.

4. Reaction: I am disappointed by this product. Perhaps most of my disappointment comes from me picking the wrong color. Perhaps this particular product is not intended for women with olive, tan, or brown skintones. But, mostly, I was disappointed by the lack of blendability and the chalky effect. I, like many women, have those genetic/sinus dark undereye circles. This means that I wear concealer, usually with a yellow/pink neutralizer underneath. This appeared to be the perfect shade of yellow/pink for me, but it wasn’t. I would definitely categorize this as more of a highlighter than an neutralizer. That still doesn’t account for the lack of blendability; this product left me with a definite make-up line that was difficult to blend away.