The World of Concealer…

Obviously, some time and effort goes into the transition from the picture on the left to the picture on the right (eyebrow threading, the removal of those kinky twists, a trip to the nail salon–among other things). Of course, there’s the makeup. On the left, I am totes naturale–I was on a missions trip, so chances are I may not even have on lotion (I surely don’t have on chapstick–what’s with that????). My obsession with lip products has been explored and will be revisited, I assure you. But, second to that is my experimentation with concealer. I have circles around my eyes that are slightly darker than my skin tone. These circles get darker when I need rest, when I’m sick, or when my allergies are bothering me.
I hate having people ask me constantly if I’m tired or sad, so I usually opt for a concealer right around my eyes. Concealer also helps my eyeshadow and eyeliner stick around longer (primer does the same thing, but more about that later). Let’s explore concealer….
What do I want? I want full coverage quickly. I don’t like concealer “pots,” though I have used them and continue to. I don’t a heavy feeling, and I have feeling greasy all day as well. And, nothing is more annoying than looking in the mirror to find that your concealer has caked or, worse, that the color has “separated” on your face and now the edges of the product are a different color than the middle. So, what I’m looking for is a light-weight, long-wearing, non-greasy, highly pigmented, smooth, full coverage concealer with realistic colors.