Peppermint Lip Scrub by Body Blooms

1. Bottom line: Great stuff!

2. Details about what I tried: This particular lip scrub is only available on Etsy. The name of it says it all–and it is true to the name! Here is a link to the product. Here is a link to the Body Blooms shop on Etsy.

3. Price: $2.99 for the scrub plus $2.50 for shipping (the rate becomes more reasonable if you purchase another item).

4. Ingredients: Sugar, Grape Seed Oil, Peppermint Oils

5. Reaction: I love this stuff. I was a dedicated user of Mary Kay’s lip scrub, but stumbled across this on Etsy one day. I was really intrigued because you can eat this! It’s made of sugar and oils, so you can lick the sugar right off your lips. It’s fairly simple to use–and don’t use it more than 3 times a week. Just take a small amount of the product (very small) and LIGHTLY use your finger to buff your lips in a circular motion for a short time. Then, wipe the product off or lick it off (yum) and follow up with your favorite lip balm. Your lips will be rosy, smooth, and soft. The peppermint smell is actually pleasant and more sweet than astringent. A great way to end my run of lip product posts.