Lip Butter Balm by My Beauty Addiction

1. Bottom line: Great stuff! Purse worthy.

2. Details about what I tried. This is another Etsy product by My Beauty Addiction. I tried Berry Bliss–it looks dark in the picture, but when I put it on the color is a bright berry with a little (just a hint) of fuschia. Click here to see the product. Click here to go to My Beauty Addiction’s shop.

3. Price: $5.00 for the product; when I purchased it there was an awesome coupon for free shipping.

4. Ingredients: From the shop owner– “Our apricot lip butter is pure 100% apricot butter with a small amount of candelilla wax to make it firm enough for a tube…simple and wonderful!”

5. Reaction: Oh my goodness! This product is great. It smells wonderful–like apricots (of course). The texture is creamy and smooth–it’s somewhere between lip balm and lipstick. It is not shiny like a lip gloss, but it is very moisturizing and protecting. The color hangs around a pretty long time. There’s a great variety of colors in the shop. If you are looking to buy a useful, colorful lip product that is petroleum free AND support a small business: buy this product. You will enjoy it. It’s been in my bag since it came in the mail! Totally purse-worthy.