Juicee Tube High Shine Lip Gloss by Erzulie Cosmetics

1. Bottom line: Great stuff!

2. Details about what I tried: I bought two tubes at once. One was Sugar Kisses and the other was Tropical Berry. This product is available only from Erzulie Cosmetics. Click here for Erzulie’s shop on Etsy. Click here for Erzulie’s own website. Click here to go directly to the product. I am very much looking forward to trying more products from Erzulie Cosmetics–there is literally a variety of things to try!

3. Price: $6.00 purchase price and $2.00 for shipping (a very reasonable shipping rate).

4. Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil,Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Organic lip flavor, Mica, Iron oxides.

5. Reaction: This formula is very smoothing, hydrating, and softening. It is indeed quite shiny and has a wonderful natural scent that matches the name of the product. The Tropical Berry Juicee Tube leaves a wash of pink on my lips, but the Sugar Kisses doesn’t leave color at all. This product is great just for hydrating lips; it also works well over lip stains to add a little gloss. The product is very light and feels natural on your lips. Perfect for tweens who are dying to try makeup and for adults who want a fun, flirty look. It doesn’t last that long, though. You will need to make frequent re-applications.