CoverGirl WetSlicks Fruit Spritzers

1. Bottom Line: Great stuff

2. Details about what I tried: Today I tried Raspberry Splash; I also have Plum and Strawberry.

3. Price: $6 or less. Wal-Mart is my favorite place to pick these up.

4. Reaction: The combination of fresh, sheer color and a pop of shine and hydrating moisture and a fruity scent is awesome. This is truly an example of CoverGirl doing something great. The applicator is an angled plastic tip. If you don’t put on too much, there won’t be a teenager-y sparkle. This is also a good product for tweens, pre-teens, and teens who are dying to wear makeup. It’s not too expensive and the color is just a wash of color. However, for those adults of us who like lipgloss, this is not a long-wearing formula–and, if you find fruit flavor annoying…you should mark this off your list.