CoverGirl ShineBlast Lipgloss

1. Bottom Line: DO NOT BUY

2. Details about what I have tried: I think that I have color number 805.

3. Price: Too much. I am not even sure how much I paid for this product, but I am sure it was way too much.

4. Ingredients: To avoid a snark fest, I will simply say “unknown.”

5. Reaction: This product was not at all an example of the great things that CoverGirl can do. First, it is not even that shiny! It has a strange matte finish, but it is not very moisturizing. It also has a bizarre smell…I think that it is supposed to be watermelon, but the effect is more like rotten petroleum jelly. The color is odd, and you can feel the glitter on your lips. Stay far, far away from this one.