MAC Lustreglass

1. Bottom line: Eh.

2. Details about what I tried: I have three colors of Lustreglass (one is not in the picture). The thing about MAC lip gloss is that once I’ve had them a little while, I find that the name of the color wears off. So, I am totally guessing that I have Instant Gold (a nice vibrant golden iridescent color that brightens up anything), Love Nectar (a peachy-pink), Flash Mode (charming pink-violet). I also have samples of Beaux (mocha pink) and Ornamental (golden-red). Today, I wore Flash Mode.

3. Price: $14.50, available at MAC Stores, select department stores and at MAC’s web site.

4. Ingredients: Unknown.

5. Reaction: After I gushed as I did about the colors above, the “Eh.” rating probably seems out of line. The product itself is good. It gives a sexy shine, and doesn’t glop up on your lips. It does feel a little thick and stiff; I would imagine that long hair would get caught in it. Moreover, it left my lips feeling a little chapped and rough–this may be because of the iridescence. Also, the applicator is a brush (this probably increases the shine), so it lacks some of the ease and predictability of the sponge applicator. Then, add to that the $14.50 price tag, and you get a solid EH. Of course, you could splurge…….