Choice words for you!

It’s already time to re-vamp My Messy MakeUp Drawer.

That’s right.

First, I recognize that there’s no reason for the first line of each blog post to be the name of the product; particularly since that’s also the title of the post. NO MAS. The first line of the post will be the bottom line. Right up front, you will know what I think about the product:

  • Purse-worthy: A product good enough to be worthy of adding weight to that already heavy bag of yours. An everyday kind of product.
  • Teenager-y: Extra shiny; extra scented; extra flavored. Good for the younger crowd and those days when you are feeling like you want to run with the younger crowd.
  • DO NOT BUY: Speaks for itself.
  • GREAT STUFF: Great value, great feel, great wear–just a great product.
  • Splurge-worthy: Found some spare bills in the dryer? Well, this product might just be worth the extra money.
  • Eh.: Not good, not bad. Not worth a glowing review, but not terrible enough to warrant a DO NOT BUY.

That’s all the categories I have. I will still attempt to provide you with links to product information and a thorough review.