MAC Lipstick: Frost

1. Name of the product: MAC Lipstick (Frost finish)
2. Part of beauty:  Lips
3. What is it supposed to do? Provide color, moisture, and a shimmery finish.
4. Price: $14.50 (This product is only available at MAC stores and select department stores. You can also shop online (click).)
5. Directions: Apply to clean, smooth, dry lips.
6. Ingredients: Unknown
7. Special features? 
8. Reaction: For a frost lipstick, this had a very comfortable feel and it was long lasting. But, then, for nearly $15, it should! Of course, MAC sets lots of cosmetic industry standards in terms of variety of shades and finishes. It is a great product to have around–if you have extra money to blow. The color I tried today was New York Apple, a cheerful, deep berry pink with golden undertones. If you like pink, you’ll probably think of this color as a neutral that goes with everything pink that you adore.