Clinique Different Lipstick

1. Name of the product: Clinique Different Lipstick
2. Part of beauty:  Lips
3. What is it supposed to do? “Different because of its smooth, comfortable feel. Moderate coverage in a remarkable range of shades, from cream to pearl. Every one packed with rich emollients.” –from
4. Price: Most of the Clinique lipstick that I own has come in gift sets. Clinique gives full size samples–great! Macy’s usually has regularly scheduled Clinique Bonus Time. The regular price for this product is $15.00 (the upper limit of what I am willing to pay for a lip product).
5. Directions: Apply it to your lips.
6. Ingredients: Unknown
7. Special features? 
8. Reaction: This is a pretty great lipstick–and it should be for $15. Of course, I am moisture obsessed so this feels a little dry on my lips. It does not, however, feel unbearably dry. It is not sticky. I am currently trying Raspberry Glace, a lovely and rich pink/red with a little blue undertone and shimmer. This is a color that I think would look good on most people. It’s a deep color, but not gawdy or overbearing. The consistency is pleasant and creamy, and it is lasting even through my frequent sips of sparkling water. 
The bottom line is that this product is great stuff. If I were more into lipstick, I would probably have this in my purse more often. Of course, it is a little pricey. I will be on the look out for a cheaper product that is comparable.